10 Ways to Use Blogs in the Educational Setting

  1. 1.       This day in history.  The students could research an event from history and post about it.  No two students can post the same event, so it forces them to look into history.
  2. 2.       Distance Learning.  If helps with the connection of students and teachers who are in the distance learning environment.
  3. 3.       Teacher announcements.  It would be an easy way for a teacher to keep the parents of the class informed of upcoming events or homework.  They post one message and it could then be seen by all.  Then it does not get lost in email inbox.
  4. 4.       Current events blog.  I remember doing this in school where you had to cut out a newspaper article and tell the class about it.  This way, the student could just link it to the blog and give a quick overview of it.
  5. 5.       Vacation Blog.  When one takes their kids on vacation they could write quick entries about their day if they have computer access.  I remember taking our kids to Disney last year and they had to fill out this big packet for the week.  They could have blogged about it instead.
  6. 6.       Post pictures of the school day, especially field trip/special occasion days for parents to see.
  7. 7.       Post writing samples for peers and others to review.  Might help with gaining more insight for “outsiders” to see it.
  8. 8.       Observation type science projects.  Examples would be flowers blooming in the spring.  Daily updates of what is happening. 
  9. 9.       Peer motivation.  For older kids, if they like to work out, they could post about their daily workout and how they felt.  Peers to help to keep them motivated or give input on adjustments to make.    
  10. 10.   Daily Bible verse review.  They could be put up the verse they are reading and people could review it with them and give their thoughts. 








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