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What is a 21st Century Classroom?  It is one unlike anything I grew up in.  When I was in school it was a teacher centered classroom.  The teacher was the instiller of knowledge and as a student we listened and soaked it up.  Interaction with technology was far and few between unless you had computer classes.  Not so much anymore.  Classrooms these days are more student centered with a teacher used as a facilitator instead of an instiller of knowledge.  Students are now using technology as learning platforms to do their homework or review each other’s reports/writing assignments.  Research has shown that using technology, to include blogging or other social media type sites, is more adaptive to all learning style than a traditional classroom.  It also allows for those students who might not speak up in class to give their input.  They may feel more comfortable and confident doing on via a social means vice in person.

But this is more than merely putting the technology into the classroom.  It also involves using it to its fullest extent.  The classroom transformation also allows for distant learning at all levels now.  It is making it easier for all ages to complete their degree’s or diploma’s and at their own pace from their house, library or even the local coffee shop. 

Technology driven classrooms force the students to be creative.  With blogging, it also forces them to review their work more closely because it will be posted for all to see, not just their classmates or who they are reviewing for.  It also allows them to become more involved in their work and feel like they are a part of it.  It is more than just writing something on paper and turning it in.    










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Comment by Leona Hinton on June 23, 2016 at 6:43am

"Technology driven classrooms force the students to be creative" - good point. Technology can save teacher's time and enhance student creativity. 21st century classroom is for tech-savvy kids and teachers.


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