I remember back on April 4 when my district held a big fancy festival with all kinds of local dignitaries, Superintendents, Apple sales reps, smartboard sales reps, document camera reps, etc.: the 21st Century Learning Summit. Four teachers from every school were paid substitute time so they could go. I was lucky enough to be one of them. It was impressive, but just one day and a few mini-seminars on podcasting, web site/blog hosting, that kind of thing. Just a taste of TwoPointOh topics. I was thinking, "Hey, we're kinda late to this party, but at least we're here. Yay!"

Since the Summit there has been no follow-up whatsoever. None. Nada. Not a single word, email, newsletter, nothing.

What did they expect teachers new to Web 2.0 and 21st Century Skills do with the bits of introductory information they got that day without directives for the future, without support, without further training? I'm just sayin'.

Do I dare write the organizers, including the Deputy Superintendent whose son has been in my classes and say, "What the heck?" (Well, maybe not quite in those terms.)

The good news is that I have a new principal who actually reads my emails about tech and is interested in starting to do some math podcasting next year. Too bad no one from the math team has responded....

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