Spring08: the first Storybook coverpages are up!

In all three of my classes, the main focus of attention is the Storybook projects which the students create (here are past Storybooks from my Indian Epics class, for example). It's a semester-long process, starting right from the first week, with several weeks of brainstorming and learning to publish webpages, and then the students start creating their Storybooks online.

Well, since it is possible to work two weeks ahead, a few students are already on the Week 4 assignments (it is officially Week 2 of the semester) - they have chosen a topic, and are ready to create a coverpage that reflects the topic they have chosen. The pages are very simple - but they serve their purpose - they are the "cover" of the little online book that each student will create this semester.

So... here are the first two:

Genesis Tales: Devil and Angel
- This Storybook is about a college student debating with himself about whether to go to church one Sunday, when suddenly the Devil and an Angel show up and start telling him tales from the Book of Genesis, trying to influence his decision.


The Princess Diaries: The Stories You Didn't Read in the Fairy Books - This Storybook is based on tales from Andrew Lang's Fairy Books (Blue Fairy Book, Crimson Fairy Book, etc. - online here), but told by the princess herself.

I am soooooo proud of these students! I know that I ask a lot of them in the first weeks of this class, much more than they ever expect from a General Education course at my school - but not only have these two students kept up with all the work, they have moved on ahead, which will be a great example to share with the other students in class, too, some of whom are quite panic-stricken about publishing a webpage for the first time.

Anyway: happy day! I'll be posting much more about the Storybook project this semester, but today is a special day: the first coverpages are online! Yeah!!!!!

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