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Let me tell you just one of the values of the Classroom 2.0 and Vid Snacks community here on Ning. Not long ago I posted a blog, “The World is Watching”. My point was that students needed to understand what they were creating with video would be seen outside the school or the local community. As usual in the classroom setting, the explanation of TEAM received the usual head nods or stares, but when students actually began getting responses from the global community, immediately change occurred. I teach eleven year olds. • the class became a team, not because we did team activities or exercises, but rather because this actually was web published to the world. This was real. • (in general) Learning became fun and relaxed, and that feeling and attitude stuck within all subject areas. When possible life SHOULD be fun and relaxed, it’s a great way to learn. • Students began brainstorming on their own outside of the classroom setting regarding our projects for the web, after all the world was watching us and in turn we were listening. • Where did the behavior problems go? Those students, who used to act out or were emotionally not capable or not willing, have found areas in which they can succeed. They feel connected to the process. What they do IS important. • Not all web comments were congratulatory. some were constructive. I enjoyed the students’ responses to constructive comments. The students were not defensive, but rather had a yearning to improve the content or pacing. • Students realize how effective the web and web 2.0 applications have become. • What students and I have learned from web responses has transferred to student writing. Instead of a formatted rigid block of words, some students consider their audience of readers and write in more of a natural flow of words and ideas. This is just like our on camera chat or dialog. I have even shared conversations about this effective feedback and its student response with other tech directors. I have found it amusing that often feedback is seen as just a pat on the back or just praise. Sometimes that is true, but think of how far we, as adults, extend ourselves when we receive positive recognition. This Ning community of teachers, students, experts and learners all interacting and communicating is one of the most effective add ons to education I’ve included in my classroom. Feedback is essential and necessary. It is far worse to be ignored.

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