The history of therealsanta of the internet.

Interview with Sean

How did you choose the Internet to reach the public?>I was standing in Best Buys and saw a wall of wed cams. Listening for about a half hour to all the questions being asked and the volume by which people, young and old, were buying them. The light bulb went off! As an actor for twenty-five years. I know the camera doesn’t lie. I know how commented I am t obeying Santa, and of course how fast the internet is growing, I new I could get Santa to people and children who would not otherwise be able to have an exchange with Santa in the most important time of year. > How can people reach
you?> @ from there it’s easy. > I understand people can ask you to mail a card or e-mail a video
comment> directly to their kids. How
would they > order them?> I think this is what is very special about me. First of all, through the videos on my site will allow you and your child, to get to know therealsanta in a personal way, creating a true wonderment for the Spirit of Christmas. {Now here’s the pitch} For only $ 4.99 +$1.00 shipping. You get not only a picture of the Santa you’ve just experience with your child but on the inside you create what Santa say to your child or loved one, it has my signature and comes from Santa’s Village in the North Pole.And for only $9.99 Santa will send a video to your email, once again in the form you create what you want me to say. This will be limited to the amount of volume I have to do. So make those orders early! > I understand anyone (with parents permission)
can log on and watch your> live show
on When do > you broadcast live?>On Operator 11, a social network, you can log on and if you have a webcam you can come live in to the studio and talk directly to Santa and his cast characters from Santa’s Village. Or, you can go to @ and watch the show live on Saturdays till Christmas at 10 am p.s.t. and during the show which last about a hour and a half they can email Santa and I will mention them live. It is also live > You’ve got a cast of
characters on your show…. Elves and
reindeer. How did> that come together?>In May when I first got on Operator 11 I noticed that most everybody didn’t get it. I did a public access show on live TV for many years. This was that to the tenth power. They’re was one 17 year old girl doing a show called ,”I’m bored” and she had a camera on but was just typing in the chat room not even looking at the camera. Once again the light bulb went off. I want the internet, at least at my end to be “g” rated I want it to be a positive place where Moms and Dads can bring they’re children and be safe. If it begins that way children can use the internet for all the right reasons. After screening and getting to know operators I selected the ones with the same desires as I had for this safe place we call the Santa Show. The characters are from all over the world . We have developed into a working inactive group that live in Santa’s Village in the chat room the script develops every pod cast is different and we try to bring in as many characters as possible to interact with the kids. These are all real people not actors. This show is not about just the child watching , a but, about the kids in all of us. And that is what Santa wants to touch is the kids in all of us. > I know my daughter loves going
online and leaving you messages. If
you> could leave a video message for the kids of > the world what would it
be?>Just to embrace the love and joy for this time of season and to hold on to it the year round. I got tears in my eyes right now! > You launched What are you using that Website to do?> A safe place to bring your child to experience Christmas on the internet. Beginning Dec 1 we will have an advent colander for the 25 days of Christmas on each day there will a different positive thing about Christmas and that will be beamed all over the planet will the help of a very special internet geek from England Phil Campbell. Everybody who’s on the internet should thank this man. Santa’s say’s with joy,” Operator 11 free, a cup of coffee $4.95, Phil Campbell priceless “! > Of course, the
questions EVERYONE wonders…> >
What is your favorite cookie?> Here’s the deal Santa is a diabetic. So this year I’m bringing Bumble Elf how will eat all the cookies left out, but, if you want you can leave me nuts. > How do you get all over the world in one
night?>with Rudolf, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet Cupid, Donner and Blitzen..! And of course Google search. > What do the elves do for fun?> Snow ball fights, making presents, eating Ms. Claus’s food and when Christmas is over we all go to Disneyland!


and make sure to share the 25 day Santa advent calendar @

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