How to Become Student Council President of Middle School

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Becoming Student Council President is very easy if you know what your competition is. For many it seems like the hardest thing ever with the bribes, the posters, the slogans. Well, actally that's exactly the point.


  1. Make sure you're actually running before you try anything else (by officially getting your name on the ballot). Putting up posters for a make-believe campaign is not a good start to your career in politics.
  2. Make friends with people in all grades, so they can spread the word about you and make you more recognized. Having lots of friends and lots of different kinds of friends boosts your popularity and chances of winning.
  3. Make a ton of colorful, bright posters. Make sure they are eye catching and have cute slogans. Being original shows people you can have original ideas in the future. EX: Vote for the best and YOURNAMEHERE will do the rest!
  4. When you write your speech, make sure it isn't the most boring thing, but be serious with your ideas. Dont say you'll bring a unicorn to school, or anything your schools funds can't easily afford.
  5. Have plenty of things to sell around to earn money for your school. It isn't only cool to be president it's also a very serious job and earning money will make you apealing to the teachers (somtimes teachers can vote)
  6. This may not seem right but, buy the bribes. Candy, chips, cute accesories, ect. More people will think, Oh yeah, she's cool.
  7. Try making stickers, flyers, or buttons and get your friends / popular people to wear them. It will surely increase your votes.


  • Remember that there's no guarantee you can win, but following these steps will really help along the way.
  • Remember that even if you don't win, running in it was fun and at least you had the experience.
  • Remember, the students are counting on you.
  • Be active in the school and community before running!!
  • If you win, put it on the resume!
  • Don't brag to your opponents it will make you look childish and weak.


  • Don't repeat things in your speech
  • Don't make promises you can't keep
  • Don't sound stupid (it really hurts you)
  • Be calm and collected while giving your speech, for people can tell when you're nervous. If you can't do public speaking, don't run for president.
  • Don't act like you should've won if you didn't. Nobody likes a sore loser, and the ones that voted for you will be wondering why they did.

Things You'll Need

  • Bristol Board
  • Sparkles
  • Catchy Slogans
  • Friends to help with the posters
  • Speech
  • Poster making things (i.e glue, markers, paint)

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