I can't take too much time to think about this or I could get caught in all of the messy mistakes we experience as parents.

In my earlier post I referred to a book I bought in 2003 called "The Monster Under The Bed". It's purchase was influenced after reading from a recommended book list from a cohort group of individuals who struggles with resistance to mediocrity in the continuous work of building and sustaining learning communities (aka. EdTech programs). I continue to learn from an ever growing network of experts. I've filled my head, like many of you reading this, with a plethora of diverse information to help make sense of and understand change and adaptation as it pertains to creating learners in I.T.

In my humble opinon, we lack the knowledge of what books like Now Discover Your Strengths and the works of Covey, Maxwell, Senge, Drucker can teach us. The list is much longer than my measly few.

Design. Story. Symphony. Empathy. Play. Meaning.

This morning, when I was rummaging through my top dresser drawer I unburied a note that I had saved as one of the many artifacts of my children's growing up years for both of us. I forgot to date the note but I would guess, Senior in high school. (sigh) Three years ago already!

My youngest daughter left this note for me one day when I got after her for ?, Written like a journal entry...very nice-neat handwriting that was delivered with pencil on a piece of lined steno-book paper, the top torn from the notebook rings it was bound to.

I was gently reminded that we all have played our role as a "monster under the bed". I think I simple did not understand my children's world. (typed exactly as written (smile))


I don't understand why you are so upset with me right now. I don't see what I am doing wrong & dad can be so rude to me sometimes, espically in front of my friends like you did tonight. I Bust MY Ass trying to please you two & it seems like nothing is ever good enough for you. I go to school & I hardly ever miss, I have a job & pay my own car payment & cell phone bill. And I hardly ever ask you guys for money, so I guess you're going to have to accept me for who I am & not for who you want me to be.

your worthless daughter,

My....the trials and tribulations of life. I never cease to learn and discover what it is I need to work on within.

Merging cultures is hard work.

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