Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

First I’ll just say that there has been a lot of talk around here about a big snow coming. But as I look out my window I hardly even see wind, much less the several inches that were predicted. Sigh. I must admit I was hoping for a snow day. We haven’t had one yet this year, despite a lot of very cold weather, small snows, and near misses. We’re ready. It would have been a great Valentine’s Day present.

Our staff just got word yesterday that our principal is leaving next week to start up a new magnet school. We’re all a little shocked because it happened very suddenly (from our viewpoint). They’ve made a great choice by promoting our Assistant Principal to the lead job. Yet I can’t decide how I feel about the whole thing.

I’m apprehensive. The last changeover proved to be an incredibly difficult transition for us and the growing pains lasted a couple of years. I dread the coming unknown because of that experience. I don’t fool myself; it could be very challenging.

However, isn’t that a good thing, really? This may be the just the change I’ve been seeking, albeit from totally unexpected quarters. It’s not about personalities–I’m not casting aspersions on my boss. It’s about the bigger picture: school climate, ed tech, my own professional growth, career paths, etc. I’ve been frustrated. I’ve traveled about as far as I could under the present conditions. I’ve hit many closed doors and dead ends. I’ve done an awful lot of work on my own to avoid stagnating in the position, the school, the district. So I’m quite hopeful. At least it’s got me curious enough to stay, wait, and see!

So I’ll take this change as a gift, embrace the forward movement, and charge ahead. Wish me luck!

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