To me, Web 2.o means embracing new ways of interacting and engaging others. It might be through social interactions or it might even be by way of productivity resources to help you do what you do easier and more efficiently. That being said, as I was playing with the App Store for the iPhone, I came across some apps around flashlights, games and to do lists - quite a few I might add. And it occurred to me — is there something meaningful or telling in the fact that there are so many of these type of apps. I guess I really only need one flashlight or one To Do list application. Why so many? And why would app developers think that this is something we need?

Then I tought... maybe it's because this is how we run/live our lives (now going deeper into philosophical thinking) at work, home or with others. Lights - we are always searching for truths, knowledge, faith, lost items, etc. Games - in search of doing right or good, we often play games or get sidetracked on our path. To Do lists - it seems that we are always checking off what we need to get done and what is on our list so that we make it through our workload or path in life.

In my humble opinion, I think that there is only one true Light that we need; games are meant to be fun, so enjoy them; and as far as our To Do lists, I don't really think I will every finish them and more it does allow for a way to keep me organized and sane. But for the most part, I can't control what happens and quite honestly, it's not my will or to dos that i personally need to focus on. Rather, to do for others.

This was just a daily reflection that I wanted to capture and share that came to mind while on my morning bike ride. Keeping in line with the keep it simple idea, this is my morning bike ride - the light at the end of the tunnel and putting it all in His hands. Enjoy your day.

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