Currently reading A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future by Daniel H. Pink. It's quite interesting when I look at it through the Model Schools lens and how it fits into what "the experts" say high school instruction should look like.

Basically, the big idea of the book is that because of three factors (abundance, Asia and automation), right-brained individuals with mastery of high-concept, high-touch senses will find themselves in high demand in the future job market. It mentions major companies like GE are placing a premium on an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degree as opposed to an MBA. Reason being, most of the stereotypical left-brained work will either have already been done by someone else, be outsourced to Asia, or automated. A great summary of the book is available from a reference blog by the South Carolina State Library .

From a best practices/high school redesign perspective, it fits nicely with the idea that lessons should be designed for high rigor and high relevance. The ultimate goal being educated graduates with the ability to problem solve and apply their knowledge to unpredictable situations.

The book (indirectly) places a premium on the role of the classroom teacher. With the host of technology available, specifically on-line courses along with the mind-numbing amount of information able to be accessed from the internet, mastering the six essential high-concept senses they place a premium on is impossible without the guidance of a quality, and caring teacher.

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