I just downloaded the video "Who Killed the Electric Car" to my iPhone. Every time I visit iTunes I am amazed at how fast online content has grown and its quality improved. We have gone from static webpage’s running on huge desktops, to full blown movies and apps running on handhelds (such as, but not limited to my iPhone) ; attached to nothing but the air. The age of new computing is near upon us, we can clearly hear the thunder.
Beyond the very cool fact that I can acquire and use content at will from the "cloud" (some free some not) I am moved by the not so cool fact that there are some seriously entrenched minds that don't want this to happen. The desktop like the internal combustion engine has stakeholders who don't want lose their jobs or change. We need to account for this structure as we move forward. When a paradigm shift of this magnitude occurs, jobs that were once important become ill relevant . For those who we can, we need to build a bridge.
Educating people to accept this change is important. To help accomplish this we need a plan, a well articulated national plan, that honestly addresses the need for change, with a timeline, ...with some teeth. One not buried in a website, but rolled out across the nation at every major conference. We need to engage stakeholders at these conferences in sessions designed to expand the dialogue.
With the plan we need to identify and aggregate resources aligned to content standards. This cloud based content then needs to be posted to a VERY well designed interface to give this thing some legs. The time and money spent on desktop support can be reallocated to professional and content development.

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