It seems that in today's Web 2.0 society, we are open and willing to share just about anything. Sometimes, we even share the most meaningless information via our status updates, especially in the world of Twitter, Facebook and of course in this blog here as well.

So here are a few posts from my quick glance at my Twitter profile:
kellypuffs Happy Monday! Working in the office because the dog smells
Think it might be time for lunch...pasta again for me :)
Just saw a shop that sells sausages in a bun - and shoes. Oh how i love this city!
Not that I don't care what you are having for lunch, but I'm not sure if this is the kind of information I need to know? Well, I am guilty of the same kind of posts. With our recent application on Facebook, I Am Teacher, I feel like I have this need to share with others my current status and obviously so many others feel the same way.
A few of my Facebook friends write:

David Armano seriously. You realize most of us really are addicted to the Internet right? Ugh.
Matt Di Giovanni is ready to take control.
Nick ONeill New blog post: Facebook Adds Profile Preview Feature
Malcolm St. Romain Jr. is gettin' ready for the week.
Holly Floyd Peterson is ready for the Cowboy game and CG! Also updated the blog:
And the list goes on...
So what drives us to leave this mini-posts and why do we
care to share it with the rest of the world? For me, it gives me a chance to capture my thoughts and to share what I am doing with some of my closest friends and I guess part of me wants to know what's going on out there as well. I especially like to gain new insights or some new resource or link. Often times, I may not have time to read a full blog or I am curious about some new happening or topic of interest. These little status updates give a glimpse as to how folks react to breaking news, new applications or great finds. I really appreciate when folks post a status update and a link to something that is relevant or interesting. This typically peaks my interest especially if the topic connects to something I am currently focused on.

Here's a timely "tweet" from Jeremiah Owyang, web strategist.

jowyang How do you use Twitter? For listening? talking? supporting? Here's how I use Twitter

Status updates and micro-blogs can be very meaningful and I often find myself somewhere between "I am having pancakes for breakfast" and "check out this link about this great topic." This is the world we live in and the ever changing interactions we embrace on the web.

So in the spirit of "Status Updates," and for the the times you are at a loss for generating a post, here is a great random status generator as well as a few of my favorites:

Cleaver Facebook status updates: * is planning a vacation and is leaning towards Pisa.
* says, Muscle Shoals has got the swampers.
* wants to expand the NFL season to 162 games.
* ’s NOT fat…that’s his money belt.
* is: a stereotype. I’m not wrong. I’m cuddly.
* is writing: Anachronistic Antidisestablishmentarianism: A Case Study.
* sees golf-ball sized hail! Grab your 9-iron and let’s go…
* is: thinking Pandora didn’t think outside the box.
* brakes for unicorns.
* is: the kid next door’s imaginary friend.
* wants an Orange Mocha Frappuccino!
* served in the military under General Apathy.
* is: trying to think of clever things to say after inhaling from a helium balloon.
* Facts: 1) Ninjas are mammals. 2) Ninjas fight ALL the time. 3) The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.
* found a shortcut for next week’s marathon.
* is: revoking your creative license.
* is: leveraging core competencies across the extraprise
* , it turns out, isn’t a Jedi
* ’s hobby is collecting dust
* puts the pro in proscrastinate
* hears a voice in his head saying, "hey, can I join in?"
* needs to learn how to type with more than two fingers
* is: hammering out a wicked comeback
* is: so fly he's growing wings
* needs help watering the plastic flower
* is: on a joyride to sanity looking for his marbles
* wishes you a Happy New Now!

Add these when you are at a loss of "status" or check out the full list at Ernie is.
For now, John is: looking forward to viewing your status update!

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