As I wind down through the last unit in each of the three senior subjects I teach, my students are trying to make sense of new concepts and half-heartedly revise their existing knowledge. Everything gets squeezed down to whether or not questions like that are asked in the examinations, and, if not, they're not interested. Additionally, spring winds its flirtatious tendrils into their hormones and I get to see enough mating behaviour to make me a little nauseous.

Also winding down is the Tai Tokerau ICT cluster - a group of four schools with similar sizes from this area. For three years, a real push has gone on to develop the ICT skills of teachers in these schools. There have been whole cluster ICT days, the local co-ordinator/guru has come into each school twice a term for PD days with departments, and there has generally been a focus and an effort put in.

In the year that I have been at this school, I have seized every opportunity to take ICT PD. I feel a little guilty, since I am (IMHO) at the top end of ICT competentcy in the school. I have found it exciting and useful and thought-provoking, and I have tried a few new things.

The organisers have sent round a link to complete an online survey. It's an extremely comprehensive survey, with a nice variety of open and closed questions. It takes about 20 minutes to complete, and nothing is too painful. At the very end, after you have clicked the submit button, you get a page that thanks you for filling in the survey. So far, so normal. Then it asks you to print off a paper copy, in case they lose your electronic submission.

*boggles* A paper copy? Of an online survey? For an ICT project?

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Comment by Mobbsey on September 12, 2008 at 3:31am
I can beat that - while waiting for my last uni exam I ran into another teacher who was there to do her exam on Excel and Word...the exam was paper based with screenshots.
Comment by Gwyneth on September 12, 2008 at 1:17pm
*laughs* Yeah, I can imagine that, even though the strangeness hurts my brain. Why do that?
Comment by Mobbsey on September 12, 2008 at 6:42pm
Why have me hand write 3 essays in 2 hours when I could easily have done them on the computer and submitted them online? I think they do it because they're simply not ready to accept that the days of a hard copy are numbered.


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