Today is my birthday: about Education in a globalized world

Today is my birthday. I'm 44. It means that i have spent 40 years of my life, around 16 000 days, into various schools, first as student, then as teacher. But I wasn't an ordinary student because i hated the walls of my schools, and i'm not an ordinary teacher because i continue to hate the walls of the schools... I'm teaching in a public middle school in South of France, Provence... I like it, i need to talk every day with my students. I teach to them like they teach to me. Every day. But i taught in various schools. I taught in Africa, facing to 150 amazing children, with just a piece of chalk: I liked it... I taught in Middle East with a high-tech environment: i liked it. I taught to children, adults, teachers, prisonners in jails: i liked it. Now i'm able to teach to the world. Because i'm a dreamer. I dream all day long. I know that i am a new teacher in the globalized world. I have suppressed the walls. We are just a few in the world but we are strong, because we are dreamers. My classroom is now a flatclassroom.

I can invite anyone in my real classroom with my virtual classroom. Just need a webcam and a microphone... Last week i have invited my chinese friend Chen from South China,

and also Ellen from Portland. And i worked last week with Lorraine (USA), Ann (Australia), Helena (Portugal), Grazina (Lituania) and many others for global projects.

This is a new way for education. We are pionners. Our last frontier is free education for hundreds of billions people. It is our big challenge for the current century i want to share with you. We have just one God, our General Intellect... The last issue to improve the world is Education... I love you all !
Vincent, creator of the School Beyond the Walls

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Comment by Justin Hoehner on October 14, 2008 at 8:42pm
Your life story is incredible. I can only dream to to touch the large diverse groups you have. You are an inspiration!
Comment by Mark Cruthers on October 18, 2008 at 11:06am
WiZiQ would love it if you would do a few WiZiQ Public Sessions discussing your experiences teaching online and around the world.
Comment by Diane Mannino on November 24, 2008 at 6:02pm
Bravo, Vincent, bravo! You write beautifully.


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