Teaching English Speaking to Korean Staff...a New Wiki for Staff and Employed Koreans


Many Koreans have already studied English for a minimum of 10 years.

These Koreans already have a knowledge of English.

They have very good English Skills.

What they lack is:

* the opportunity to speak English
* the need to speak English
* the confidence to speak English


Now there are many English teachers in Korea teaching English.

They are in Institutions that are paying them to teach English.

These Institutions have staff that cannot speak English.

These staff deal with the English teacher, some on a daily basis.

Yet, these staff still do not learn to speak English.


* They are not interested in communicating with the English Foreigners.
* They do not want to be bothered with requests and conversations.
* They are afraid to try and speak English because they think they will make a bad mistake
* They are too scared to try and speak what they already know

But...Koreans have to learn to speak English as now English is becoming necessary

This Simple Course will help Koreans start speaking the English they already know, and teach Korean to the English foreigners who are trying to learn Korean

You have a need....then you can try and satisfy the need.
If you don't have the need, you will not learn.

You want to learn to speak English...then you need to speak English.
You learn a language by speaking it.


1. Read the words

2. Listen to the words, if you can

3. Repeat the words out loud. Reading them quietly will not help. You must read out the word. This is a speaking task, not a reading task.

4. Repeat the words out loud, and learn to say a couple of new words 2 each session.

Say the words out loud...talk to yourself or a friend.

To learn a language, you must use it

Speak the words.

PS...Did you read all this out loud? If you did, you are on the way to speaking English quickly.

If you didn't, go back to the top and read every word out loud and listen to your own voice reading the words.

That is being active

Hey!!! I can write many courses, send you to many websites, tell you many things, but, I cannot speak for you.

That you have to do yourself....you have to speak English.

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