An idea has been proposed by an educator I'm in contact with to share field trips among classrooms online. The classroom collaboration is intended to increase student exposure to locations, history, and ideas otherwise not geographically available. This concept of touring the real world using the Internet, and sharing those tours publicly, is extremely simple to implement and scale up using christonium.

Each educator, or classroom, creates an individual account on
christonium. They can choose the color schemes and make contact with other teachers. When first creating and account each new classroom can even view another teachers field trips and pull them into their own page without ever creating any content, or field trip, of their own.

When the opportunity to create a field trip arises teachers can
take photos and videos, as well as keep a running log of all the events that happened during the day. If all the collected data is vast a teacher can create an entire category structure for the field trip, if it's only a few pictures and a blog they'll only need to create a single item.

Once the field trip is uploaded the teacher has the option to share
it publicly or privately. If the field trip is private only users who are specifically given access will be able to view the trip. Educators will also be able to determine if the content can be viewed outside of christonium. By doing this persons without a christonium account can view the field trip as well. If the field trip is held in a public category other teachers will be able to share and include the event on their own page. They'll also be able to organize the item(s) that best fit their curriculum but they will not be able to change your content.

Another beneficial feature is that any shared items, or field
trips, will be automatically and instantaneously updated to reflect all changes by the original creator. If there is a spelling error, or you forget to upload a picture you don't have to worry about your subscribers not getting the updates. There won't be any problems keeping information accurate and consistent throughout christonium.

Christonium is a good source to easily create, store, and share
content for educators who collaborate to create virtual field trips. As you explore christonium and learn how to use its basic features you'll find that these kinds of activities are very simple to create, maintain and are beneficial to your own and other classrooms.

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