A bit new but always on the look-out to expand my horizons

A bit new... at this Classroom 2.0 but I'm always looking for new ways to learn. Most recently I am trying Pageflakes and trying to view more blogs and listen to more podcasts. As Wes Fryer has suggested, we all need a "yoda" from whom we learn. The very cool thing is, is that our yodas don't need to be in our local vicinity with all the techology available. Thus the world is flat. So here are my yodas...... Will Richardson, Wes Fryer, Alan November, Marco Torres and #1 David Warlick.
And here is a link to a cool clip about "The Machine is Us/ing Us"

I'd love to hear who your yodas are and what you think of the video.
Comments would be apreciated.
Have a great day

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Comment by Russ Lauber on July 29, 2007 at 9:23am
I'm not sure by what you mean by 'yodas' but I'm going to guess mentors...how do you choose them?? I mean, I have a bunch of mentors, but is there some formal way of selecting them?...
Comment by Ann Zimmer on July 29, 2007 at 12:42pm
I think they are people who inspire and push you in whatever the arena. Mine right now is in technology as that is my job and somewhat of a passion. I think they are the people who excite you. I think you mentioned one of the people you work with has pushed you to do new things. That could be a yoda. Yes, mentor would be another term for it. I guess the cool thing is with all the tchnology, blogs, podcasts etc available, we can be in touch with anyone, anytime so it open up anyone to be a mentor / yoda for us. For me, as I drive throughout my day to my schools, I ut on podcasts of Will Richardson or David Warlick and get pumped up for my work. I guess that could also be called, being a geek.
Comment by Robert Kennedy on July 19, 2010 at 12:11pm
Hi Ann,
I am a 2nd grade teacher at Buffalo Trail. I really enjoyed the video! Wow! It really gives you a lot to think about. I really appreciated the statements at the end - we do have a lot to learn about! We need to be able to teach kids how to create content and ideas in an environment where many ideas are "given" to them. I also believe we need to train parents/families how to help their students to navigate and balance ethics and technology. Thanks for posting!


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