YouthLAB Launches and You Are Invited to Participate

Beginning July 23rd, I am launching YouthLAB and would love for you to check in at our site which is We are doing online collaborative cinema and global exchange. I think it contributes to the growing knowledge about the power of WEB 2.0 to spark learning, civic engagement and cross-cultural understanding using their own digital native cultures.

Please read more below and check in to the site -

We are beginning to learn what it means to have social production of the public sphere. Yochai Benkler, Yale University

What: YouthLAB (Listening Across Borders) is a unique summer institute that brings together 23 young people from Chicago and Barbados (African-American, Bajan, White, Latino, Muslim, and multiracial) in a virtual contact zone to create a collaborative and participatory media project on the living legacies of slavery. It is an open, transparent on-line community-based classroom and laboratory for youth where new understandings and actions are formed through the construction of media and discussion.

How: Through our Wordpress site ( YouthLAB participants will create and share digital content and engage in online chats and interpretive discussions.The website also links to our multimedia projects on Flickr, Youtube, Motionbox and GoogleMy Maps as well as our curricular resources through Essentially you can track the development of the project from your computer at home or at work on a daily basis!

When: Monday July 23rd through August 3rd! Daily youth in the two countries will post videos, photos, maps and blogs.

How You Can Be Involved: Go to the site ( YouthLAB participants are inviting you to be an ALLY for YouthLAB. You can contribute by posting comments, constructive feedback, friend sourcing, donating to our ChipIn project or just listening in. If something moves you, we want to know about it. If you have questions, we would like to answer them. If you want to write about or study what we are doing – great!

Barbados and the US are both countries politically, economically and culturally formed through the unconscionable and forced migration and enslavement of millions of Africans between the 16-19th centuries. In this year, 2007, 200 years after Britain’s abolition of the transatlantic slave trade – we aim to contribute our own stories to the grand narrative – one rooted within our collective pasts but endeavoring to “dream inside history” – spurring actions to ensure a more humanitarian and democratic future.

OUR LONG TERM GOAL: To learn how to use participatory media, art and technology to listen across borders and create new communities of action and change around issues affecting our lives.

MORE INFO: Contact Mindy Faber ( or on group Classroom 2.0, thru or

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