I came across this insightful video this morning about Digital Learners and why technology is important to incorporate when teaching students.

This is not a new idea, but one that is dear to me. Use this video anytime you have a room full of teachers and you're trying to help them see why technology is important. Not just to help them teach, but to engage the students and help them learn.

On a sidenote, there was an article a couple of days ago on CNN: "Study: No benefit going high-tech for math and reading." The article reviews an attempt to incorporate "software products" in elementary and secondary reading and math classes. Three things strike me about this study:
  1. The title suggests that technology is not helping in the classroom. Although I'm not sure what 'software products' means, I would certainly guess it is not something akin to podcasts, blogs, cell phones, social networks and other technology that is exciting to elementary and secondary students.
  2. I am still disturbed by the constant need to gauge success in the classroom by scores. The article mentions nothing about the student reaction to the change in the classroom. Are the students excited to come to class? Are the students engaged in class? Is there a change in the drop out rate for students using technology in the classroom and those that aren't? Do students that use technology in the classroom go on to higher paid, professional jobs?
  3. Although the study didn't produce higher standardized test results, when teachers were asked if they would use the products again nearly
    ALL indicated they would. The teachers in the classroom obviously see the importance of the technology. It may be because it makes their jobs easier, but I think teachers can also see that more students are engaged and more students are willing to learn.
Just my 2 cents this morning...

(Original Article: http://www.edutechie.com/2007/04/awesome-digital-learners-video/)

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