I watched the TED talk that was posted yesterday. The one of Sir Ken Robinson, who asks the question: does education kill children's creativity? This really struck home with me...

I have been one severely angst ridden teacher this year. Nothing seems to go right and I find myself trying to instill creativity, collaborative skills and interdisciplinary thinking into students who not only aren't receptive, but whose parents aren't receptive either. I think I'm beginning to get ground up by the machine. I can see a foggy image of what I want my classroom to be, but I don't know if I can accomplish it. Or am I too late? By the time students reach 8th grade (the last year of middle school) they seem to have their minds made up about their educations. Or am I just not presenting the right challenges? I'm hoping that my cell project will strike a chord with students. There are several who I think could really come alive given the heavy art component to it. I want to see some success and not suffer anymore of the tiny heartbreaks that I keep having...

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Comment by pete whitfield on June 1, 2007 at 12:42am
Hi Shawn
You say "Nothing seems to go right..." - in fact as an educator, you focus on the problems because they need your attention, while the things that do go right, you hardly notice! I'm betting many things have 'gone right' in your classroom. The TED talks video is inspirational (and I love the jokes!).
You mention also about non-receptive pupils and parents; be careful how you measure 'receptiveness' as it can be a trickle effect and you may be surprised at how much impact your initiatives have - think how advertising works!


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