The Bible 2.0 in a 'light' and a 'stronger' version

On my learning blog The Sausage Machine I blogged in Dutch about the Bible in 2.0-presentations ... In fact I wrote two blog posts about the Bible.

1. The Bible 2.0 in a rather light version:

- as an audio book in 'Hollywood musical style' (as my source Tony Dokoupil in Newsweek uses the attributive 'chintzy') and

- as SMS-Bible, I found on an Australian website via Tony Dokoupil in his very interesting and 'light' review in Newsweek.

2. The Bible 2.0 in a 'stronger' or 'deeper' version in referring to the 'Faith and Theology'-blog of Benjamin Myers in Brisbane and to two other specialists in Flanders (Belgium).

Despite the fact that my posts are written in Dutch, I am convinced that English speaking readers can catch the essence of the content. On TSM, my learning blog, I try to experiment with and demonstrate to my pupils the possibilities of 2.0-applications, f.i. visualization by films I find on YouTube, audio stuff ... Many of my sources are in English as it is the language that goes global i.e. world wide. My invitation to my potential readers to 'test' my blog posts in Dutch on the level of understanding of a foreign language, is not meant as a lack of respect. I also want to apologize for my mistakes in writing English, for I know very well that my English is not what it should be. It's not 100% and I have to little time to look up my lexicon, orthography and grammar. (What teacher am I ... not giving the good example?!)

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