A former technology director in our area used the term "intelligent classroom" to describe a classroom that was rich with technology tools. With the influx of interactive whiteboards, iPods, and yearly cycle of replacement computers, the term was used to ask what such a classroom would look like.

So there are some tremendously thoughtful people here in Classroom 2.0.

Specific content areas aside, what technologies should every classroom be equipped with?

What about outside of the classroom? After all, the School 2.0 diagram portrays our schools as very much outside the bricks and mortar of our current model.

I'll post the results from the responses in another post. Don't be shy, consider it a wishlist.

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Comment by ddeubel on August 19, 2007 at 4:04pm
Good, practical question.

I think every classroom should have a large screen for sharing! That's what technology is all about - especially web 2.0 and final product/presentation/publishing.

I also think each classroom should have a shared community, a community focused on fun, investigation but learning focused. You can have both knowledge and the social in your classroom!

The classroom should have an "outreach". Sister schools where classrooms learn together and come out of their shell and closet. So many classrooms are isolated places, shouldn't be. So some kind of associations driven by the leadership of the school.

All classes should have good digital storytelling software and students should be versed in it. Even as young as 5-6! Stories are a thread that runs through all knowledge and binds it.

Also, classrooms should have enough computers - a ration of 1 computer to 3 students at a minimum! Used for self-learning and extending the classroom. Not used as candy but as a main part of the classroom curriculum!

And of course, teachers should get adequate support, knowledge of and access to this software and technology. But it should be functional and easy to use....

That's all. For me, much more just takes away from the learning community.



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