'Concert for Max' - Benefit for Max Merritt - 21 October 2007 - Palais Theatre Melbourne!

2007 - you just never know what will happen.

For those that read my blog, connect with me on myspace, facebook, Ning, Xanga and Twitter, you will I am sure have noticed, a number of mentions of the benefit concert for Max and the banner, with his pic, that takes you to the myspace I and my son Zane created and manage on behalf of those organising the concert. Our contribution to a man we admire and care about deeply.

It is one of those times, when friends and those who care have rallied to do what the can to support Max. Max a man who has brought so much to the world through his music, had been diagnosed with a rare condition 'goodpastures syndrome'. It affects 1 in 100,000 people and it appears there is no cure. Treatment of the symptoms and managing the condition the best that can be done. Max is currently undergoing treatment regulary and his condition has, as I am sure you can imagine, prevented him from working. Not being able to work for any musician, means no income and with the cost of treatment and the like, Max needs aid, in order that he can be as comfortable as possible especially at this time.

Often people say when situations like this arise, 'oh but why would someone like this need help, they would have enough money, they are famous'. Well not always the case, particularly with many of the original rock and rollers. The money was not as good as it is these days, when you hit the big time. Times were fun but they were tough financially. Their passion, their drive, their giving to so many, came and to some now still comes at a high price.

I have posted the banner for Max and am bringing his situation to the attention of all I can, through the various networks I have. I am hoping that it will have a positive effect not only on the financial side, with donations already rolling in, expected sell out of the concert quickly etc, but I would like to see as many people as possible, who have enjoyed the music and joy Max has brought to the world, place a comment on the myspace or send a message. All messages will be passed on to Max and he will respond personally to as many as possible.

I look forward to seeing as many comments on his site as is humanly possible and hope that you will help in spreading the word.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will visit the myspace and let him know that his fans are still there and they are thinking of him in his time of need.



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