By Alix E. Peshette

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Inside everyone is an artist – often a frustrated artist. Many people seem to equate being an artist with being able to draw or paint. Since most people feel they can’t draw anything beyond stick figures they don’t often venture into self-expression through art.

Web 2.0 has spawned a vast range of opportunities to take online imagery or personal images and mash them up into new media. From this new media, one can assemble or create some pretty awesome artistic statements. I like to think of this as outsider art – funky, quirky personal play with imagery. Is this art with a Big A or art with a small a? Who cares! It’s fun and accessible to everyone! It’s also a great way to create some very cool graphics for the classroom!

To all those who want to dabble – welcome to the world of online generators! Here are some places to start.

The foremost purveyor of generators is the Generator Blog. This wildly eclectic collection of generators offers a glimpse into a sub-culture that is busy deconstructing our cultural icons. Some of the generators are very cool, most are irreverent and a few are raunchy. Do preview and select before allowing children to visit.

Another bonanza of generators is the Sign Generator Collection website. Again, everything from the quirky to bad taste incarnate can be found here. The Make Your Own Sign Generator website also has a huge collection of imagery for re-tooling.

Rubrik’s Cube – Upload a picture and transform it into a rubrik’s cube!

For the baby boomers there is a great opportunity to have the young Bob Dylan show your message in a 45 second video with “Subterranean Homesick Blues” playing in the background. Cruise over and create at the Bob Dylan Message Generator

Food and beverages seem to be a common theme in generator-land. Check out the no-calorie goodies one can personalize.

Birthday Cake Generator

Giant Cookie

Candy Hearts

Alphabet Soup Word Generator

Fortune Cookie Messages

It’s a sign of the times that road signs, fast food, entertainment venues and motels are ripe for mixed messages.

Make your own highway signs

Parisian Street Signs

Big Boy

Chinese Restaurant Sign

Custom Motel Signs

Las Vegas

Motel Signs

The Apollo Marquee


Another popular theme in generators is “All Things Automobile.”

The classic red convertible

License plates from different states and times

Moving Truck

Lastly, art for art’s sake.

Turn your photo into Andy Warhol-inspired art or transform it into a pencil sketch.

So enjoy. Its all just too much fun!

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