Today I have so much work to get done so I will just give a list of things that I did today:

  • Shadowed a female student and was very impressed with the classes she was taking. It ranged from jewerely design to treble choir to precalculus to advanced painting and drawing. I have seen two different math teachers and two different economic teachers. It is interesting to see the variety of teaching skills among the teachers
  • I sat in and observed the second day of the writing workshop that my c.t is conducting with her 9th grade class. I think this program will help my writing as well.
  • 12th grade went over some WISE information and we talked about the conference that was attended to last Friday. The rest of the books for Brave New World were handed out and I told students to bring in all necessary materials for their resume workshop tomorrow.
  • Last period of the day I conversed with my C.T. and we talked about some nitty gritty stuff for the next month in each class. It is so wonderful to have a c.t. that is incredibly organized. It really makes me feel more comfortable working with her.
  • Finally there was a meeting after school for all staff. It was about reading and writing interventions at the middle school and high school level. While it was very boring, there were some interesting facts, statistics, and interventions that the presentor covered.

That is a quick run down of my day...tomorrow I am teaching resume writing, and thursday will start my introduction to Brave New World.

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Comment by Bonnie Kaplan on November 1, 2007 at 5:01pm
Tell me more about the classes you are observing. What stands out and how can that impact on your teaching? What's happening in your CT's classroom? What are you learning?
Comment by Jacqueline Marien on November 1, 2007 at 8:20pm
What stands out the most in my mind is the different styles of teaching everyone has. It is refreshing to know that there are different techniques and I can pick up the things I like (being confident with the students) or don't like (giving students attitude and degrading them). I am learning in my C.T. room that even when there is a lot of material to go over, when you enter the class with a smile and positive attitude it makes life easier and more pleasent. I am also learning her ways of classroom management, which is minimal due to the sizes and students in her classroom, but it is still helpful. I am learning how to be extremely organized when you are teaching more than one of a class and 3 different classes in one day. She just finished up 451 with the ninth graders and is working on a writing workshop and the drama students are watching a new movie with a spin on Taming of the Shrew (Kiss Me Kate). I started teaching, Brave New World today, my blog explained it all.


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