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Below is a Halloween Scavenger Hunt I did on a (private) Ning Network that I created for a class Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) project I am doing in my two Planning 10 classes.

The scavenger hunt does the following:

  1. Introduces students to flickr and Creative Commons License , and;
  2. It teaches them to insert and site a photo appropriately.
  3. Points them to my YPI delicious links that I am starting to collect.
  4. Has them re-watch an amazing video I linked to in the video section, (Here is the youtube link for you - I highly recommend that you watch it!)
  5. Revisits a meaningful link from yesterday's lesson.
  6. Has students find and quote another student on the site.
  7. Has them start looking for charities that they may eventually present on.
  8. Looks at a local grassroots shelter.
  9. Teaches them more about YPI
  10. Some spooky Halloween-ish/PhotoShop kind of fun.
  11. Makes them do something silly at the end.
Some fun in the classroom, with a little learning going on in the background. Wink

Here is the post: ____________________________________________________________

Happy Halloween - Time to go on a scavenger hunt... For treats of course!
Make sure you number all your items!

Create a blog post with the title "Scavenger Hunt" and answer/do the following...

1. Go to this site:
What does "by-nc-sa" mean?

2. Find a "by-nc-sa" photo that you consider spooky/scary and put it on your blog. Link to the actual photo AND give the photographer credit like I did below (I linked to his profile).

Halloween Moon Over Kamadan by FlipSide3 / Adam Eakins
(You aren't allowed to use one of his photos for this challenge)

3. Create a link to one of the "Truss' YPI del.icio.us links" found on the Main Page.

4. In the World on Fire video, how much did Sarah McLachlan spend on a Mobile Medical Unit in India?

5. For yesterday's assignment you looked at Stories in pdf files. Name one story title from each of the two pdf files that were linked to. (One story title from each file, that's two story titles.)

6. Find one blog post here on our site about the Spirit of Giving (that is not your own). Quote something nice/interesting from that post and give the person credit. For example, if my post was about the Spirit of Giving instead of Empathy, you could have done something like this:

"In the service of others we learn meaningful lessons ourselves. Mark spoke of developing empathy in kids. In so doing, he wondered if standardized testing 'taught' our kids anything meaningful? When do they learn about empathy and love?" David Truss

Put the person's words in quotes and italicize them.

7. Find and link to 5 charity home pages. In one sentence tell me what the charity does. Make sure that the link is the title of the charity. At least one charity must be local (in the lower mainland).
Your links should look like this:
The Terry Fox Foundation: Raises money for cancer research.

8. Go HERE. What is the title of this page?
Find the link to the 'Tri Cities Mat Program -- Port Coquitlam, BC'. (It is not on the first page) Clink on the link and find out if this caters to Men or Women. Tell me this in a sentence so that I know what you are talking about.

9. Go to the Toskan Casale Foundation web site. Copy and paste these questions into your blog with the answers.
How many schools were involved in 2006/2007?
So, how much money was donated?
Find and name one BC school that was involved last year, (besides ours).
What are the Granting Guidelines?

10. Here is a creepy (or is it cute?) photo.

It gives credit right on the image to Worth1000.com and so you don't need to link to it, as I did anyway. Go to this link and add a photo of your choice. Tell me the actual title and make one up yourself. This is called 'Spider Squirrel" and my title is 'Chipmunkula' (I think that this was photoshoped with a chipmunk, not a squirrel).

11. If you have finished all 10 tasks and posted your blog, then all you have to do now is sing the alphabet backwards and you get a treat.


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