I have been thinking about my experiences this year with our teachers in Laptop Focus Group, my Lead Tech Team, and Kal-Tech and I can't help but think about the growth we all have made ..... as an individual, contributor, creator, teacher. Wow!! My brain can't hold it all :-)

My Kal-Tech team is made up of a great group of educators from Ellis, Kansas. They are excellent educators struggling against the forces of change in their small rural community. They are the "cream of the crop" in their district. There are also four professors who work in the College of Ed. at FHSU. They are also "cream of the crop" struggling to keep up with the curve of technological advances in their profession.

Life is an upward battle.

All of us have these people, the cream, living inside our organizations. Are we fostering their skills and creating opportunities for them to team? They can help design new learning opportunities. Leadership. Leadership. Where is it?

This year was HARD work for all of us "change agents"! The more we introduce change the "messier" it gets!

I would like to invite each of you to think and reflect about your experiences over this past school year.

What had the most impact on your life professionally?

What had the most impact on your life personally?

If you could change ONE thing in your building/district next year, what would it be?

If you could design a 21C skills class, what would you include? What knowledge is of MOST importance?

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Comment by Ginger Lewman on May 18, 2007 at 7:10pm
Oh my goodness! These are great questions! Please post them to a forum and you'll get so many responses! As for mine:

1) This entire year has had an incredible impact on how I view the world. I started a new face to face prong to a virtual charter school that is project-based and is filled to the brim with amazing students! We have all learned so much. Reminds me of the quote from Douglas Adams: "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I ended up where I intended to be!"
But then again, I thought that last year too!

2) Most impact on my life personally? My job as an educator has taken nearly #1 priority in my life (much to the chagrin of my husband and terrier). I have, however, been taking much better care of my own health, and find myself SO energized by what is going on in my world professionally.

3) I would change nearly everything physically. I like our atmosphere of valuing learning and education. The level of respect is VERY high. However, I feel we (kids, colleagues, and I) all have a lot more to learn in tweaking the curriculum delivery modes to better reflect the real world. We're making BIG changes this summer!!!

4) We're creating a map of this during the week of July 9. IF, after looking over some of my other posts/blogs/discussions, you're interesting in working with us, let me know!


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