I love some of the tech terms, tags and phrases. While creating a new(ish) word for practical purpose, an older, less contemporary word is brought out of mothballs just in time to be revived by original definition. For example, I recall the TV network Nickelodeon which came to being several decades ago. In general, it runs children’s programming. Being in education, children are amazed that Thomas Edison invented the nickelodeon, and that it was a device that when cranked by its user, a short short self-contained mini movies was viewed in a four foot high box. I am currently enjoying the term “Folksonomy” also known as collaborative tagging , social classification, social indexing, social tagging, and other names. It is the practice and method of collaboratively creating and managing tags to organize content.
Wikipedia as of 12/15/07 tells us: Tagging is not without its drawbacks. Typically there is no information about the meaning or semantics of a tag. For example, the tag "apple" might refer to the fruit, Apple Inc., the Beatles' music label, or Gwyneth Paltrow's baby.
So, with tagging terms having multiple meanings, evolving folksonomies are attempting to define a set of tagging conventions through eventual group consensus, rather than formalized standard. It will be better with consensus, if consensus can actually be reached, but that’s another blog.
Let’ see......You had better tag this blog “Nickelodeon”, “Edison”, “mothballs” and “shipless” -as in I missed the boat.

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