7 Apps For Young Professionals In College Life

College can be an intimidating place for students. It provides you with a glimpse of what lies ahead in life. College heralds the beginning of professional careers for most people, and it is for that reason that 4 years of college are worth their weight in gold. College fulfils the most important job of character building among teenagers. The transformation from a teenager to a responsible professional who is ready to take on the challenges of life is startling and truly remarkable to witness.

Course curriculum in every college is designed in such a way that it is never a smooth sailing for students; otherwise it would fail to serve its purpose. But, a small help here and there which might help in sharing the rigour and burden of college is always welcome.

So, here are 7 apps that help young professionals in their daily life:

1) Google Docs: Google Docs provides you with the features of  Microsoft Word in a mobile and web based app which can accessed from anywhere on any device. The real beauty of Google Docs lies in its ability to function properly in offline mode. All we need to do is sync the docs with our account once we are back online and we are good to go.
 Its share-ability feature enables the user to share notes and important files in matter of seconds. The files shared, can then be edited upon and the changes will be reflected immediately in the file. This feature is a winner among students during group assignments and projects.

2) Evernote: Evernote is a note-creation app which enables the user to build notes, which could be anything- text, picture, video, PDF etc., that is anything that can be saved. Evernote can also act as a to-do-list maker. But, here comes the most amazing feature of this app. Evernote’s search capability ensures that you never lose notes on the topic that you forgot. Search anything related to the topic that you want to read in the search bar and Evernote will give you all the possible notes related to that topic.

3) Reference Generator for Bibliography Building: RFME’S easy-to-use app gives you a perfect tool to write your citations and references in over 7,000 styles to ensure that you have your bibliography in order. It helps you to create projects and include quotes from books and journals, otherwise a very tedious and boring task. It also allows you to invite different team members to contribute to your work from any device, be it mobile or laptop.

4) Wunderlist: Wunderlist is an efficient task manager created to aid you in proper maintenance of your to-do list and segregate it into different projects. Sorting of tasks can be done on the basis of their due or on the basis of their level that is school, internships or personal. It has a feature for collaboration which gives you the authority to share your project with others.


5) Any.do: This is a task management tool which gives the word ‘simple’ a whole new meaning.
The interface is user friendly and the UX is impeccable. Everything you see is pleasing on the eyes and the tool effortlessly showcases all the list of activities that you need to perform today or scheduled to a later date. Get first hand access to a ‘daily review’ provided by the tool which will make sure that no stone leaves unturned on a daily basis.
Moreover, Any.do can be integrated with Google Apps as well in a seamless manner. All you need to do is add to-dos in Gmail thanks to a Chrome extension and Any.do will pick it up in seconds. Moreover, the Android app inquires about any actions that you need to perform before you go for a meeting as per the schedule on Google calendar.


6) Vidmate: For those who don’t know, Vidmate is essentially an app which allows you to download videos and songs from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Metacafe and more. Be it any video or music hosting site, your downloads will only be a click away. Moreover, you will have the capacity to download your files in a wide array of qualities including HD. Your videos will be automatically stored in a virtual library and segregated by the download date.
By using the setting available, you can select the websites you want to be showcased on the central interface. Having all those quick and easy shortcuts right in front of you sounds convenient, doesn’t it?


7) Sunrise: This one’s a life saver in its entirety. It allows you to manage and synchronise calendars across multiple devices available as a mobile and web application. Apart from syncing calendars with others, it also keeps you updated with events by sending you timely reminders making sure that you never have to worry about remembering dates.
Furthermore, this tool can be duly integrated with your account on Facebook. Ergo, if you have been RSVP-ed for a particular event by your friends or family or if someone in your friend list has a birthday coming up, the Sunrise tool will update you and instantaneously integrate it with your calendar.

As they say, everyone can use a little help sometimes. College is not about how much you study, but about how smart you are with your studies. Given the large volumes of material a college student deals with and the pressure of making it big in the professional world, the margins of error are too less. Because of these circumstances, making good use of applications seems like the way forward.

Hence, it makes good sense to take the plunge sooner rather than later

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