My student said to me that :

Openning a door to the students with comprehensive and special abilities, Peking University gives some high school principles a chance for recommendations. But most people through survies opposed the idea because of the possible unfairness.

According to her opinion , the new idea is a good step on the reforms of existing university entrance sysrem.As we all know, the entrance examine been criticized for many years. One of the reason is many talented students lost the opportunity to study in a good university just bacause they cannot do well in standard examines,which actually judge a student by the ability to memorize but not to think and pracice.It forces students to focus on how to get a higher marks rather than developing the abilitys needed in social competition.This issue has become a barrier for economic development.The new idea may change the situation,even though it may bring us some new problems,such as bribing. However,those problems should not be the reason to stop trying and changing.

What kind of student should be recommended? She think the students who have exellent abilites in some special fields that could not be shown in tranditional examines and study well but not well enough to go to Peking University,are most suitable.The former enssure the value of the students' being recommended and the latter can prevent recommended students failing to be admited bacause they cannot get enough marks even though they have extra 30 marks added to.

The new idea shows the tendency of future education,which emphasizes critical thinking,parctical skills and creative ability rather than memoring.It's a small but important step to set up a more modern and advanced education system.

PS: I agree with her.

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