My district has done a great job of including all parts of an AUP in their policy.  The preamble is very explicit and clearly defines the need for such a policy.  They fully support the need for students to have access the Internet and other technological resources.  I have noticed that we do not have a definitions section.  Our policy section is very explicit and thorough and includes all types of technologies that the students may have access to.  It also alludes to changes that may happen due to the fluidity of the Internet.  I really like our Appropriate Use section.  It includes many of the policies and expectations I verbally explain to my students but have never put into writing.  After giving it some thought, I have decided that I would like to create a contract for my students this coming year.    This will make these policies explicitly known to parents and students.  There will be no question as to what students are and are not allowed to partake in.  This will also allow me to more easily enforce these policies.  I am very impressed with how thorough our Inappropriate Use policy is.  They included things that I wouldn’t have thought to include.  However, this policy is written for all grade levels.  I teach fifth grade and the problems I may encounter in my classroom will be very different than those encountered in a middle school or high school classroom.  The policy needs to encompass all possible infractions.  Our Violations/Sanctions section is included in our Appropriate Use section, which seems very fitting.  Overall, this has been very enlightening.  It has been nice to see what the district expectations are and how I can further implement and enforce these policies in my own classroom.

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