Are you breaking the law online? Unknowingly?

It seems like everyone is entangled in technology albeit their smart phone or sharing media (videos, music, and photos). It's easy to overlook the legality because we are unaware of any legal implications that may exist.

Here's a list of some common things that many people do online that is actually illegal:

Minors Sexting: Sexting, which is sending nude or semi-nude photos or videos of someone using a cell phone or electronic devices, has become a way to show interest or affection to someone. This may seem fun at the time but sexting between minors is considered child pornography whether it's coming for the creator or the sender.

Using Mobile Phones While Mobile: Multiple provinces and states have made it illegal talking or texting while driving. Exception to talking while driving is the use of a hands-free device. In Ontario, consequences include fines up to $500 upon conviction.

Copyright Infringing: Sharing what we come across can be delightful but not having permission of someone in the photo or posting someone else's creative work can infringe privacy and copyright laws. The increased use of social media has allowed copyright infringement to become effortless and is usually not even second guessed

For some additional ways you may unknowingly be breaking the law click here.

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