I felt that our activity was in a way really well; due to the fact it was designed to get everyone involved as much as possible. I personally believe that our activity was fun, entertained, as well as instructive. The reason I said this is because we used pictures to connect them with the words they learned during the week. I feel that through this method students will be capable of linking a real world interaction with the content they learn from the book. This activity could be even better if we have used the blackboard to write down a few vocabulary words that maybe I would like the students to definitely know like synonyms for angry, sad, happy and bored. The reason I will put synonyms for those words is because people might use different words to express their moods in their countries; by this I will be adding some cultural knowledge to my student. Another way I could improve my activity will be presenting the student why a sad face and then ask them if I’m happy, this way I will be able to know if they are capable to understand and recognize my mistakes. A real good way to improve this activity could be by asking them to create and act their own conversation, this way the activity could be more challenging for the students. One way I could introduce culture to this activity is by presenting everyday activity that is normal in a Latin-American family (padrino, madrina, chiquillo, ect.), house (tortilla, pozole, elote, ect.) or community (taqueria, tortilleria, guagua, troca, ect). Those words might not be as accurate as they should, but those are that words that the Hispanic community that surround us use every day because I feel this way they will be able to understand better the way the neighbors, or his/her friend’s parents use that word.

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