Bloom’s Taxonomy has become an important part of my planning process.  My school has a leadership team that works with an outside company to make instructional improvements.  Our current goal is to create objectives that require students to complete tasks at a higher depth of knowledge.  As a part of our training on improving depth of knowledge, we have done a lot of work with Bloom’s Taxonomy and have made it a regular part of our planning process.  Previously, I had used Bloom’s to plan, but now I am looking at how it can be used to increase depth of knowledge. My goal is to get kids to complete tasks at a higher depth of knowledge and Bloom’s is a great tool to help develop tasks that will achieve this goal.   I like the idea of incorporating Marzano’s research into what I am doing currently with Bloom’s. 

Although I am currently using Bloom’s to plan, I am not using Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy in my planning.  Until this week I had not been aware that there was a Digital Bloom’s and I enjoyed using it to create activities in this week’s learning topic.  I plan to utilize the Digital Bloom’s in order to ensure that I am integrating technology into the learning objectives at all thinking levels.  I plan to keep a print out of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy with my planning documents, so that I can reference it when planning.  In addition to using the digital taxonomy, I will also keep Marzano’s nine strategies with my planning resources, so that I can keep them in mind when planning.  I found the planning document that we did using Bloom’s and Marzano’s a great practice for looking at how to embed both into planning.  It changed the way that I thought about learning objectives and pushed me to be a little more thoughtful of the objective and the task.  I believe that planning with all three of these tools will truly benefit my students and help me to reach a higher depth of knowledge.

I believe that the staff at Patterson would benefit from looking at Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy.  Since we are looking at Bloom’s as a whole school, I think it would be beneficial to see how we can incorporate the digital piece.  I believe it is always important to look at ways in which we can integrate technology into lessons.  I think the best way to share this learning with the staff would be to present what I know about Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy at a professional development meeting.  I could explain the digital component and explain how I have been using it in my planning.  I think adding the digital component would be valuable to the staff at Patterson. 

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