There are some many amazing and creative ways that Google Apps can help aid educators in their daily lives. Besides the ease of use, Google Apps can assist me in being a more effective educator by saving valuable time. With tools like Google Calendar, I can facilitate multiple schedules including: my private life, professional life, and everything in between. Google Apps also helps me be an effective teacher by supplying tools to create presentations, documents, forms, assessments, websites, and polls surveying parents or students’ opinions.

am pretty organized and methodical in my approach to teaching. I feel that Google apps could definitely help support my instructional style and benefit students. I like the versatility that Google Apps provides me as an educator, these tools act as means of communicating and collaborating. In the majority of schools, educators work together in planning learning communities across similar grade levels. This will be made easier by having all working parties able to complete projects from home, school, or school district professional developments. Google apps and tools allow for editing proposals, developing strategies that better facilitate common core standards, and sharing valuable instructional materials with other educators.

Google Apps also enhances collaboration between myself the educator, parents, and students. The tools such as Google Docs allows me to collaborate with parents on the PTF in developing important documents, fundraising events, promotional brochures, or simply making a sign-up sheet. Google Apps provides a common digital working location with the professional resources to anyone with a free Google account.

In unit eight, I gained tremendous practical knowledge on Google's numerous selection of tools. As well, as what technological skills I could further develop including: creating websites, developing polls, providing accessible presentations, and establishing digital forms.
While I really enjoy the user friendliness of Prezi, Google presentations offers similar options with the capacity to meld seamlessly to other Google tools.

The ability to develop my own website for the classroom was an invaluable tool to gain. My previous school had a share website, with only one website editor. Everything had to be submitted to the website editor and that took a lot of time. The website editor was a full time teacher and updates to the school website were infrequent. I also felt that the Google Forms assignment was incredibly beneficial due to events like field trips, classroom parties, or school celebrations. Overall, Google is definitely a resource I will be using more in the classroom and future.

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