Bloom's Taxonomy & Marzano's Nine Strategies

Since I am new to the field of teaching, I received quite a bit of new knowledge from the exposure to Bloom’s Taxonomy and Marzano’s nine instructional strategies. By examining these two areas I was able to see how an educator can harness these pieces to create better learning for their students. I was able to see how Bloom’s Taxonomy builds knowledge from lower level skills to higher level skills. Each level indicated a deeper knowledge being demonstrated by the student. I also noticed that while these levels build on one another, they are also interwoven at times and occasionally learning begins at a higher level. Marzano instructional technologies seems to provide the framework in order to successfully structure the activities that will be based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Marzano designates the importance of clear objectives, impactful student reinforcement, the development of critical thinking skills, and how that can be facilitated through a variety of assignments.

I have often wondered how I would construct a meaningful educational experience as a teacher. With this new knowledge I would begin by setting clear objectives for my course. These objectives would start with the lower levels of graphic design for example, and continue to build each week. Through the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy I would create corresponding lesson plans related to the verbs at each level. Homework assignments would be crafted to reinforce the activities from class and would build on the course objectives. Guiding questions would be provided along the way to ensure that students continued to focus on the right areas of the learning. Regular positive reinforcement of effort would also be provided so that student know they are on the right track and are motivated to continue to build on their ideas. This ties into helping them achieve learning at the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Cooperative learning is another key element and essential for achieving higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Teaching with technology is an important piece to how I will educate my students in the future. One of my most important take-a-ways is how to pair Bloom’s with Digital Bloom’s for student learning. Pairing verbs with a related technology demonstrates how learning can happen with a variety of tools. It also shows how these tools can be integrated in a meaningful way and at higher levels of the taxonomy. This could help to improve online course design which still remains very static in a lot of ways.  

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