Some people leave work until the last minute, a lot of us can’t stop gossiping, and others always arrive to events late. These aren’t serious problems, but They’re bad habits that cause trouble. Habits like these waste your time and, in some cases, might even affect your relationships.
What can you do about them ?

Here are my advice to end your bad habits for good !

I Can Do It Tomorrow

1. Problem : Do U leave projects until the very last minute and then stay up all night to finish Them ?

2. Solution : People often put things of they seem overwhelming. Try dividing the project into smaller steps. After you finish each task, reward yourself with a snack or call to a friend.
Guess What I Just Heard

1. Problem. Do U try not to talk about other people, but can help yourself ? Do U often feel bad after You’ve done it ?

2. Solution. First, don’t listen to gossips. If someone tells you a secret, just say. “Really? I haven’t heard that.” Then think of some other news to offer - about yourself.
Never On Time

1. Problem. Are you always late ? Do your friends invite you to events a half hour early ?

2. Solution. Set an alarm clock.For example, if a movie start at 8.00 and it takes 20 minutes to get to the theater. you have to leave at 7:40. set the alarm to go off at the time you need to leave.

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