A fabulous resource to educators is available, and the best part about it...it is free! Visit the website http://www.ted.com/ and watch videos about "ideas worth spreading." I chose this
particular video by Sir Ken Robinson because I feel Robinson makes a
wonderful point about education. When we talk about education we need
to forget about the evolution of the school system, but rather we should
concentrate on the revolution of the school system...

Sir Ken Robinson is an author and speaker and is well known on the
international stage for his presentations on education. Robinson uses
several examples from his life to show the importance of education not
just going through a few changes and adjustments, but education being
completely transformed and revolutionized to address the needs of our
ever changing society.

Robinson compares our out dated and broken school system to the fast
food industry. Too much of education has become standardized with an
emphasis on assembly line principles. We should be "customizing" the
education system to fit the needs of particular communities and the
needs of our society. Robinson, said a line that was disheartening as
an educator, "Education dislocates many people from their natural
talents." As educators shouldn't we be tapping into the natural talents
of our students? Shouldn't we be encouraging students to follow their
talents and their interests? The educational system our students
deserve needs to incorporate words of encouragement and pats on the
back; not barriers limiting creativity and passion.


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