The character poster project was a new experience for me. I enjoyed creating something that was supposed to be a personal reflection on myself. The actual process, however, stressed me out a little bit.

I am naturally attracted to photography and art, so this project was enjoyable. If I had more pictures of myself I would have probably chosen another photo rather than my wedding shot, but I was still able to accomplish the task at hand. I learned that the spreadsheet template can be used for more than just numbers and math. I had some trouble figuring out how to make the text boxes work the way I wanted them to, so I asked for help from fellow students and my professor. When it came time to print out the pictures and assemble them, my perfectionism in the realm of art kicked in. All of the available scissors were taken, so I had to resort to the beastly cutting board. Needless to say, my project had some minor cosmetic flaws, but I was satisfied with it overall. I thought it was a neat concept that I am now capable of making my own posters for next to nothing.

I think having my future students create a poster on the computer would be a fun experience. Whether the poster subject would be about themselves or something we are learning about, it would give the kids endless creative possibilities with the project. Rather than do a traditional report with pencils and paper, the students could express their understanding of the material in their own way, and no two projects would be the same.

I am really glad I learned something new that could not only benefit myself, but my classroom in the years to come.

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Comment by Dave Eveland on March 10, 2009 at 1:20pm
Use of Excel for this and other types of projects definitely has several advantages for use in the classroom, both as an academic and as an administrative software title.

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