In class last week we created these character posters using a picture of ourselves using Microsoft excel and then putting a word and it's definition on the poster. I really enjoyed this project because it made us think about what different emotions a picture could convey to people. This project also allowed for a lot of personal touches while still being under a specific set of guidelines that we had to follow, it was controlled freedom, which is an essential part in any activity you do in a classroom. Being able to make character posters will come in very handy in my own classroom. Since I plan teaching in third or fourth grade this may be a little hard for the children to complete themselves, but I could very easily use character posters to do a child spotlight or child of the week. The child would have to provide a picture and pick out a word to describe them in the picture. Then we could decorate the room with them and the children could take them home at the end of the year. This also encourages the children to find synonyms for a word they would normally use like cool, awesome, or funny. This technology could also be used to make posters on the different historical figures we would talk about throughout the year and then as we discuss one person we could hang their poster up and leave it up for the remainder of the year which would be a sort of constant reminder to the children as to what that person did and those could be reused year after year. It could also be used to make posters describing the seasons, character traits, and holidays. The possibilities as to what you could do with this technology is endless if you just take the time to think about your different options.

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Comment by Dave Eveland on March 10, 2009 at 10:06am
I agree that it might be difficult for 3rd or 4th grade to do, but over the course of several weeks, I believe they could do it, esp. if they were doing a report on a particular local - a state, a character or a book. It would give them an incentive to do something on the computer rather than w/ normal pen and paper tools.

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