I had to make my own AUP for computer usage in my classroom. We read an article about a teacher who accidentally stumbled upon an adult website during class. Some students saw the adult content and reported back to their parents about what they had seen. Needless to say, the teacher ran into serious trouble, and the jury was willing to charge her with jail time for this accident.

My AUP helped me prepare for such a situation by informing parents of the guidelines in my classroom. For example, parents would be required to read and sign my AUP. In the AUP form, it indicates that neither I or any of the staff can be held responsible for what a child sees on a computer when they are using it. So if one of my students accidentally clicked a pop-up ad that led to adult sites, I cannot be held liable or sued for some sort of child exposure to such content.

I included in my AUP that if a student comes across inappropriate material, they are to click out of the window immediately. If the student does this more than once intentionally, discipline will ensue and their computer privileges will be revoked. All students will be monitored by the teacher or an adult at all times when using the computer. In the event of a child misusing the equipment, a phone call or letter will be made to the guardian.

It is sad that children have to follow strict guidelines when using computers and internet, but it is our responsibility as teachers and adults to protect them from the harmful material that is out there.

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Comment by lnicewaner on March 24, 2009 at 4:53pm
Interesting discussion. What filters does your school use? At my school it is almost impossible to accidently click on a questionable site. Matter of fact, many harmless sites are blocked by the overly protective filter.


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