Connecting All Language Learners and Teachers is a Language Forum for sharing CALL sites, program and Collaboration Proposals. Here's one for any interested language teachers employing CALL and wanting a means to study it using a CMS: I write to invite you to invite you and anyone on your staff to use my co-researcher's course content management system to manage your classes and to conduct research together.

The site ( is a Moodle-based system that includes hundreds of materials for you to use in your classes and in research. The site will allow you to: *Keep attendance *Record grades - Export to a spreadsheet *Establish a course schedule with events and activities listed.
*Create- administer - and analyze tests and questionnaires *Use blogs, forums, chats, wikis, etc in the classroom *Upload all activities *Upload handouts, Flash materials, presentations, MP3, etc for students to use *The ability to add your own content to your classes. These materials can be shared or held privately for your own classes.

The site also includes:*Questions for the 3000 most frequently used words broken into 5 bands for students to practice OR be tested with; *Dozens of timed reading activities written in HotPotatoes, which can
also be graded *Dozens of listening activities using MP3s and CLOZE; *Dozens of ready made handouts

The real reason I am inviting you to the site is to conduct research on SLA. You may also be interested in doing collaborative research on vocabulary acquisition using Wordchamp or Flashcard Exchange, or on the effectiveness of web-based word processors like GoogleDocs or Zoho. I would like to invite you to post your classes here and work together with us or anyone else on the site to conduct research. There are many possibilities here for research and publication. The site provides an excellent structure to share materials, store research data, and collaborate with others while we investigate the impact of technology on language acquisition and language teaching.

Frank Tuzi, Ph.D.
Webmaster -

John Paul Loucky, Ed.D. World CALL Directory,
A Virtual Language Learning Links Repository

Collaborative CALL Project Proposal: using WORLD CALL LANGUAGE LINKS LIBRARY- Free/Open Source Language Education Resource Repository CALL4ALL Languages Clearinghouse is a Virtual Encyclopedia of all major language learning links, Web dictionaries and Computer-Assisted Language Learning organizations in the world. Most Useful Recommended CALL Sites:

A-Author's Articles online dealing with EDs, ER, TBLT, Japanese college students' vocabulary learning, and how to measure and improve readability of online versus printed text see:

C-Computer Assisted Language Learning Links Library

D-Dictionaries Galore! (Over 7,000 Web Lexicons)

J-Japanese Dictionaries and Study Links

N-News Sites (some w. Listening/Video)

R-Reading Labs Online

V-Vocabulary Learning Games and Sites

W-Word Learning Lists and Webtools

Y-Young/Limited Proficiency Learners: ( ) exists to improve language learning or teaching in English and all major languages (over 500 language pairs) by the use of modern technology. Use it to link to CALL Professional Organizations Worldwide; get rapid access to over 7,000 free Web Dictionaries and 4,000 Language Learning Links on a broad array of topics from A-Z. Do quick Link, Word, Collocation and Site Searches using our Links Index, Site Map and wide variety of Online Dictionaries to develop all four communication skills. Please feel free to add any new language learning or CALL link! Send us recommended CALL sites and Teleconferencing program URLs.
CALL4ALL's MISSION is to help improve Language Education in all areas,
including: Serving as a Virtual Language Education Encyclopedia; Testing and improving CALL Collaboration Areas and Programs.

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