DIY Interactive classroom Whiteboard for less than $100 (Chapter2)

Edited by: Ronnie Ji
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Required software list:
iWiiBoard (Current version: Pro V4.0) $29.99
Interactive whiteboard software

Use built-in automated Wiimote connect to search and connect your Wiimote

1. Click Wiimote search button to launch Wiimote search program to search and add Bluetooth service for your Wiimote; The search program will be launched in 9 seconds automatically;

The search program will automatically search and add your Wiimote; Please make sure you have your Bluetooth adapter plugged into your PC’s usb slot before run the program; after the search is completed, iWiiboard will launch Calibration program automatically;

Whiteboard calibration

ANY visible IR source will trigger mouse events and manipulate your computer.
Any unintentional IR sources may result in undesired behavior. BE CAREFUL where you point the wiimote. 

Click the button "Calibrate Location" or press the A button on the wiimote to begin touch calibration. Use your IR light pen to touch each crosshair and activate the LED (as if pressing your mouse button to click). After 4 points are calibrated, the touch screen should be ready to use.
Recalibration (and auto-loading last calibration)
To recalibrate, simply press the calibration button again (note the mouse control may not work yet if the calibration was poor) or press your wiimote A button. When the program is launched, it will reload the last calibration. If your wiimote and display configuration has not changed, re-calibration may not be necessary.
1. Pressing the A button on the wiimote will activate the calibration once the whiteboard application is running. If the calibration is already running, this will restart the calibration with the 1st point.
2. Pressing the esc will exit the calibration screen.
3. "Cursor Control" will enable or disable mouse control of the stylus
4. "Smoothing" will average the cursor movement over several samples creating smoother lines, but in exchange for slower tracking.

Run iWiibard and you can start using your infrared pens to write on your own interactive whiteboard, enjoy it!

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