Are children falling behind in school because of technology? Are they more likely to focus with techonology involved? 
I feel children are more likely to do better with technology involved in a classroom as to the child will be more interested and if they misbehave they can go to the traditional way though technology can be a distraction in class it can do them some good because in the near future they will need the skills.

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Comment by Janine Tuccinardi on November 5, 2015 at 11:02pm

I am currently taking a class on current issues and research in educational technology and the questions you pose are topics consistently discussed in this course. I have read multiple articles about the use of technology within education and all about the benefits and challenges new and improved technology may bring into the educational setting. 

Technology is a constant progression and consistently improving day to day. Therefore, it is of great importance that we introduce, expose, and provide our students with constant interaction with the technology today. The skills they acquire today will help them in their future. Although the technology will have already improved by the time younger students are able to apply their skills or apply for jobs that require technological skills, they will still be able to take what they have learned and apply it to what is new. The students will be able to build upon their past knowledge and experience when exposed to new technology. 


Also, students today spend most of their time on the computer, IPad, TV, handheld game systems, etc., which are all things of interest to them. So, when technology is integrated into the curriculum students are excited to learn. Technology is something that is relevant to them and of interest to them. Technology makes learning engaging, hands-on, and interactive. There are many computer games out there today that are strictly educational, but are still engaging to the students. They allow the students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers. They also help students with their reading abilities as well as their basic computer and typing skills. 

Lastly, technology can come in all shapes and forms within the classroom setting. For instance, e-textile learning is one way to integrate technology. This involves circuitry and other materials. It is very hands on and students a develop projects from start to finish. They can create projects that could be related to current standards being taught. 

Technology can be used to extend learning and bring learning to a whole new level for the students. If used appropriately and correctly it would not become a distraction to the students, but rather a learning and instructional tool. They would be more likely to focus with the use of technology being integrated into the curriculum because it is exciting, engaging, and relevant to them. 


I know this was a lot, but I hope it answers your initial questions :)



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