Emerging Technologies and Emerging Changes in our Culture with Argumented Reality

Augmented Reality will affect every single aspect of our lives.  Daily life activities such as going out and finding a restaurant, going to an art exposition, playing video games, learning biology or a foreign language in a classroom will all be innovated with Augmented Reality.

With Augmented Reality we will communicate using codes, wearing Augmented Reality Glasses, downloading applications in our smart phones, iPads and other mobile technology devises that will decode Augmented Reality multimedia messages.

Some of the issues surrounding the first attempts of AR technology include the excessive use of different applications in order to generate multimedia messages. One code can have the capacity of generating different multimedia images, sounds and videos. Therefore, different users can see and hear different multimedia messages, depending on the application that they are using. See



Corporations through advertising and marketing, businesses selling video games and museums promoting art and expositions will be the top companies that will start using AR technology. Certainly, major corporations will be the pioneers of introducing Augmented Reality. Overtime, major players of AR will also be medium size business and everybody that has access to smart phones or mobile technology devises. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnRJaHZH9lo.

Augmented Reality can certainly be used in a classroom for education purposes. In fact, it should be used in a classroom. AR technology can be used in different subject matters, such as foreign languages, sociology, biology, reading, history and so on. For instance, in foreign languages, students can interact with people from other countries using video conferences applications similar to Skype, using Augmented Reality. For Biology, students could see parts of the body using Augmented Reality magnifying the size of each body part in order to appreciate details of human anatomy and understand their functionality. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vycvec8Tl7I&feature=related.

In fact, there are non-profit organizations promoting the use of Augmented Reality in education. Certainly, AR is one of the main technologies of this century.


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