eschoolnews Article Nine digital Cimenatography Tips

The article that I read from eschoolnews was Nine Digital Cinematography Tips.
I found this article very interesting because we did a video in class using shots such as over the shoulder, profile, a close up, full shot, eyelevel shot, high angle, and low angle. In this article it talks about how to get a shot from up high such as a ladder or a chair so things can look exciting and get the viewers attention. It also talked about how to get a shot from low such as the ground. There was a man who actually put a hole in the ground so he could fit the camera and tripod at shoelace level. It also talked about a bubble level which is just not having your camera level but just moving all around and making it fun. There is also a shot steady as she goes where you can use tripods to make it steady. Then there is a shot mount it and move it around where a man mounted the camera to the door of the car and did shots that way. There was another way of using a crane to get shots or putting your video inside of something. I found this article interesting because that is what video is all about making it fun for the people who are doing the video and the people who are watching the video. When we made our video using shots I found it hard to capture those shots because it was like I was wanting to capture a perfect shot. A lot of camera men spend a lot of time wanting to capture the perfect shot for their video but in this article it talks about using shots that you can just run with and use your imagination to make videos fun and I think that is what motivates students to make videos is they can use their imagination and run wild with it and have fun.

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