February revolution in petrograd ,elected on the basis

In the winter of 1917,conditions in the capital,petrograd were grim.The layout of the city seemed to emphasise the divisions among its people.The workers quarters and factories were located on the right bank of the river neva.In february 1917 food shortages were deeply felt in the workers quarters. The winter was very cold -there had been exceptional frost and heavy snow .Parliamentaries wishing to preserve elected government ,were opposed to the Tsar,s desire to dissolve the Duma.On sunday ,25 february ,the government suspended the Duma .politicians spoke out against the measure .Demonstrators  returned in force to the streets of the left bank on the 26th. On the 27th the police headquarters were ransacked . The streets thronged with people raisings slogans about bread ,wages,betterhours and democracy . The government tried to control the situation and called out the cavalry once again.An officer was shot at the barracks of a regiment and other regiments mutinied ,voting to join the striking workers.By that evening ,soldiers and striking workers had gathered to form a 'soviet'or council in the same building as the Duma  met.This was the petrogradsoviet.The verynext day ,adelegation went to see the Tsar. Military commanders advised him to abdicate . He followed their advice and abdicated on 2 march .Soviet leaders and duma leaders formed a provincial government to run the country. Russia future would be decided by a constituent assembly ,elected on the basis of universal adult suffrage .Petrograd had led the february revolution that brought down the monarchy in february1917.

Thus in this way we can see the february revolution in 1917 which also came under russian revolution.This revolution takes place during first world war.Thus this revolution also paved a way for rise of Hitler in Germany.

*link of image of february revolution1917


*link of video of february revolution 1917

http://h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU46fTls6pQ

http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utr3otFlqp8

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