Formal Evaluation PD re: SurveyMonkey

We are always evaluating ourselves and our lessons, today's PD is about how I used SurveyMonkey to formally evaluate myself last term.

Examples of Informal evaluation

  • Lunch room discussions with teachers
  • When speaking with your students, as a whole class or individually

Why you use it:

This is often done as part of 'Formative Assessment' - to see how you or your students are going so that you can adjust your lesson as needed.


Really fast way of getting feedback on how things are going.

Difficult to record for later use or for other teachers to use.

Examples of formal evaluation

  • Performance Review
  • Surveys of Students and Staff

Why you use it:

This is typically a 'Formative Assessment' you can do at the end of a task/unit/lesson.


The reason why this is normally at the end of a unit, task, or contract is that it is very time consuming.

This is a great way to formally establish your success and the areas you need to work on in later units.


I used SurveyMonkey to evaluate my class last term, check out for more information.

The survey I used for my class looked like

And the results looked like

Have a look at the below paper for a great description of the differences between summative and formative assessment

Wikipedia has a great definition and general information about evaluation at

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