Hi, Thanks to Jane for inviting me. My name is Dean Groom and I work at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia. My job is to teach largely non-teachers -- how to teach, and in doing that, look for methods and ways that help them transition from the learning by absorption we see in traditional classrooms to more enquiry methods.

Enter PBL. I trained with New Tech High - and since then my interest is how to rip out tools like Microsoft Office, IWBs and projectors - and get kids to learn how to use tools and methods that allow them to kick goals. I don't believe we should be teaching kids how to use Office Automation software - but to be critical thinkers.

Right now I am interested in peer assisted learning - and how to use virtual worlds and games to motivate students in blended learning. Yep, blogs and wikis were great - but solving problems with as PS3 and Little Big Planet - whole new ball game.

I write a blog at http://deangroom.wordpress.com, and really interested here in helping teachers dream up awesome projects and develop new skills. I have co-authored two books on Web2.0 and Virtual Worlds ... and run a Death Knight in World of Warcraft which I swear makes me a better teacher and learner.

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